About Us:
The idea of Impact Youth Cheerleading was first brought about by Ms. Jemma George.  Ms. George is a former graduate of George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences, and was a Springfield Gardens High School Cheerleading captain for four years.

She is currently a biology major at CUNY York College aspiring to be a neurosurgeon, or dermatological surgeon.  After leaving high school, Ms. George had a burning desire to continue cheerleading and stunt, however it was not available.

Since she could not join one, she decided to create one!  Because she grew up in the community she was keenly aware of the Impact Youth Program - although she did not actually played basketball in the program. 

She decided to approach Impact Management with the idea of creating a cheerleading team for young girls.  Jemma knew and appreciated the skills she developed through cheerleading, and wanted to share some of her knowledge with others.  She explained that cheerleading taught her how to better work in groups, problem-solving and instilled much confidence in her.

She believes that it is important for young girls to have confidence in order to be successful and competent.  She feels that participation in cheerleading/ physical activity will help young girls to develop these skills sets and will be invaluable as they go through school and life. 

She enjoys empowering young kids on how to perform in front of a crowd.  According to Ms. George, the girls will also get a chance to perform at some of the Impact League games as well as the annual Brooklyn VS Queens All Star game in late March. 

Because of Jemma’s  drive and determination, Impact management said it was an easy decision to support her in her vision. 

The program is now holding registration for Girls Cheerleading ages 4 to 11 years old at P.S. 80 in Jamaica/Rochdale Village next to the library.  Impact cheerleading will run from December to April from 9am-12 noon.
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